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  • My top lactation booster!

    These gummies are a lifesaver for a breastfeeding mom like me! They are DELICIOUS and work fast! Been nursing my toddler for 2 years, and Im so grateful to be able to also lean on Mother’s Promise to help prolong my breastfeeding journey!

    Ciarra H.

    Verified buyer

  • Yummy Gummy!

    These Lactation Gummies are so delicious and cute! I love that you take 2 just once a day. Some lactation supplements you take 2 pills 3 times daily. Mothers Promise nails it again!

    Bionca B.

    Verified buyer

  • Tastes great!!!!!

    Mother’s Promise Liquid Multivitamin tastes great and is SO much easier than having to swallow a pill. This is such a pure vitamin - sugar-free and great ingredients. I always buy Mother’s Promise and I have never bought anything I didn’t like!


    Verified buyer


    During my first pregnancy, prenatal pills were so tough to swallow, but this time, I found Mother's Promise Liquid Multivitamin – so easy to take and no aftertaste! I am just so happy & relieved that I found such a great prenatal!


    Verified buyer

  • Excellent value & quality

    Mother's Promise Baby Vitamin D3 is a total game-changer! My favorite part? I love that it's plant-based, organic & tasteless – perfect for my baby! Plus super convenient with 180 servings in a small bottle, great for travel too!

    Stella M.

    Verified buyer

  • Really great multivitamin for pregnancy!

    Pregnant or postpartum? Mother’s Promise liquid multivitamin is a great choice. If you’re dealing with morning sickness, this is a great option to get the vitamins you and your baby need without taking pills. You can even blend it into a smoothie!

    Monica R.

    Verified buyer

  • Quality and Value

    The Organic Vitamin D3 Drops for babies from Mother's Promise is a fantastic way to deliver vitamins to little ones! Great amount of product for the price- you only need ONE drop. This bottle will last me a long time. Highly recommend!


    Verified buyer

  • Another amazing product from Mother’s Promise!

    I love all products I’ve tried from this company. This is such a different formula from others I’ve tried. So hydrating and none of that sticky feel of lanolin nipple cream. Definitely recommend!

    Marissa K.

    Verified buyer

  • My life saver !!

    Mother's Promise Organic Nipple Cream is a lifesaver for breastfeeding moms. Soothes and heals cracked nipples, all-natural, safe for mom and baby. It’s non-greasy, easily absorbed, fragrance-free, and most importantly - gentle on sensitive skin.


    Verified buyer

  • The Probiotic for Mamas

    I was so impressed with this probiotic! Safe with a clean formula, no weird aftertaste, and goes down smoothly! I like it so much I’m buying more to send to my sister! I highly recommend this probiotic for health conscious women, especially mothers!

    Meg P.

    Verified buyer

  • The perfect probiotic

    As a mother I have been looking for the perfect probiotic. I found Mothers Promise daily probiotic. On day one I felt a complete ease from tummy. I'm now on day 4 and feel energetic, light, and amazing. Love this probiotic!

    Jade A.

    Verified buyer

  • Magic in a bottle!

    Okay, y'all, this Multivitamin Liquid is everything in one! It tastes amazing, with no vitamin aftertaste. With the energy I get, this is like magic in a bottle. Just a quick sip and done - the liquid form is perfect for pill haters. Give it a try!

    Damonique S.

    Verified buyer

  • Multi purpose, works wonders!

    This product is fantastic, and not just for moms! You can use it as nipple butter, for dry hands, skin, and more. Non-greasy, no smell. Safe for moms and baby, and I even introduced it to my mom as a hand balm. Organic too! Highly recommend.


    Verified buyer

  • Life Changer!

    Mothers Promise never disappoints! I got their nipple butter, and it's so smooth and creamy, I've used it everywhere!! I sometimes am guilty of using it as hand cream… haha but buy it , you won’t regret it!

    Giselle T.

    Verified buyer

  • A must for breastfeeders!

    I did a lot of research, and Mother’s Promise was the clear winner when it came to finding a quality vitamin D drop for my baby. I really like how many doses come in each bottle and the taste is super mild. Definitely recommend!

    Carmen R.

    Verified buyer

  • So easy to use!

    Love the convenience - one easy drop for my baby. It’s great to see that its organic and plant based. Vitamin D is important, especially during these winter months, and this is fantastic value for this many servings. Sharing with fellow moms!

    Alley F.

    Verified buyer

  • It’s perfect!

    Mother’s Promise prenatal liquid multivitamin is a must for moms. It's a tasty alternative to pills with the essential nutrients for my pregnancy and postnatal needs! Say goodbye to those unpleasant pills. The taste is perfect when you drink it cold!


    Verified buyer

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